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UR SOCIAL Influence, a GLOBAL Influencer Marketing agency where we work with our clients, reaching out to our unparalleled influencer network to create a bespoke campaign, activating maximum reach for our clients. 


OUR process is made simple for our clients. We create a full strategy based on what we know, not what we think and the data-driven results of the past. We align you and your brand with the right individual for maximum results. 


UR SOCIAL Influence team will manage the full process from taking a full brief, sourcing the right influencer and managing the content with our approval process. Your role is to enjoy the results we deliver and maximise UR Campaigns




Are you looking to launch a product or service or are you looking to stand out from the crowd and align yourself with an ambassador/influencer but not sure how to go about this? 


UR SOCIAL Influence is the perfect package for you…We will manage this end-to-end process for you from gifted to paid campaigns which will gain traction and PR for your business like no other. Don’t just take our word for it, book a call today to find out more. 

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