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What are the benefits to a managed Influencer Marketing Campaign?

Updated: May 6, 2022

Have you ever looked at Influencer Marketing and wondered if it's right for UR brand? If the answer is YES then you'll know there's nothing better than a recommendation and review from a trusted source..."people buy from people"

The next question you should ask yourself is...How do I go about approaching an Influencer to get a win/win outcome from the relationship? Apart from contacting UR SOCIAL ๐Ÿ˜‰ here's how...

Firstly understand that Instagram influencers have a huge impact on their followers buying behaviour. Influencer marketing has soared over the years and in our opinion it has to be part of your marketing mix with the same measured approach as paid advertising. Every business knows that a strong Sales or Marketing team will drive revenue and profits into a business but without the right individuals in these positions you have nothing.

When recruiting for your business there are certain criteria that need to be met. Guess what, Influencer Marketing is no different, and the beauty of this is if you get it right, the results will be phenomenal. With an Influencer comes an audience that should meet the demographics of your target clients/customers. However, don't take the opinion that every influencer will want to work with you. Ask yourself, are you a desirable partner for the Influencer?

Here is a snapshot on how the process works

1) Do your research

Understand the analytics behind an Influencer's account. Is their following part of your target audience?

2) Do they represent your brand/product or service in the right way?

This is your business, your passion. Select the influencer that best represents you and your business. Be diverse!

3) Make an attractive offer

Would you ask a member of your sales team or any member of staff to work for free? More to the point would you? It's important to look at the cost involved and measure the return on investment (ROI)

4) Give creative freedom and trust to the Influencer...after all, you hired them

If you have done your research, negotiated a good rate that both parties are happy with and selected someone that you are proud of then give them the creative freedom and trust to create content that will achieve your goals. You will always have the opportunity to approve content before this is posted.

Final word

In summary, there is a lot to do when focusing on an Influencer Campaign and the above is only a brief introduction. I haven't even gone into the distribution of agreements, sending products, arranging a posting schedule, ensuring content messaging is correct and then measuring ROI the correct way in order to double up next time.

Back to the beginning

The benefits to a managed Influencer Marketing Campaign are simple. We have the knowledge, the insights, the data and the knowhow to maximise the opportunity for both you and the Influencer. To discuss how we can help you further with your Influencer outreach and campaign development contact the Team today

Robert Burgerman

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